“To love God above all things, to love all people as oneself, to give one’s heart and soul, one’s mind and strength in order to make people better and happier, that is life, that is the law, that is happiness, justice and truth.”

Welcome to the online presentation of the Suzanne Aubert exhibition based at Our Lady's Home of Compassion, Island Bay, Wellington.


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» Introduction: A living mission.


Ngā Tapuwae - The Sacred footsteps

» Station 1: Called to mission. France 1835-1860.

» Station 2: Holding fast to the mission. Auckland and Hawke's Bay 1860-1883.

» Station 3: The Cradle of compassion. Hiruhārama 1883-1899.

» Station 4: Building on firm foundations. Wellington 1889-1926.


Ngā Tauranga – The Strands

» Station 5: Healing ministries.

» Station 6: Living the vision.

» Station 7: Towards canonisation.